To assure the versatility of process relevant international standards are followed such as :

  • ASTM-A-123                        Zinc coating on iron & steel products.
  • EN ISO 1461                        Hot dip galvanizing coating.
  • ASTM143                             Safeguarding against embrittlement of hot dip galvanized steel products.
  • ASTM153                             Zinc Coating on steel hardware.
  • ASTM-A384                        safeguarding against warpage and distortion during hot dip galvanizing.
  • ASTM-A385                        Providing high quality of zinc coating.
  • ASTM-A90                          Standard method to test the weight of zinc coating.
  • ASTM-A780                        To Rectify the uncoated areas of hot dip Galvanizing.
  • ASTM376                             To measure the coating thickness.
  • Saudi Aramco ASTM Standards, Saudi SCECO & SABIC Standards.